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Sport For All

Tennis, Cricket, Motor Racing and Football. Plenty of sport lined up for this weekend. However during the week a child was trying to convince us that chess is a sport because it is an activity that is competitive, requires skill and is physically demanding as some games can last for hours. Nice try!

We did however see some super athletes perform during the sports days this week. The sun shone, hundreds of parents turned up and the children had a great time. A huge thank you to Miss Yates for organising the events.

Other events this week included our Year 2 pupils going on their end of year trip to Mallydams nature reserve. They involved themselves in a mini beast trail, they learnt what can cause harm to insects and how we can protect them. After lots of running around in the woods they built dens for some animals. Even Dave the monkey was incredibly happy with his temporary home! After lunch the children foraged different things to make nice smelling potions. They came up with some really imaginative names for our potions like ”Woodland Wonder”, ”Cherry and Apple Fizz” and ”Fragrance of Forest”. The day finished exploring mini beast hotels. As always the children represented the school perfectly, and all the teachers were so proud of how considerate they were. They took care of the animals they came across, listened to the course leader, and encouraged each other to step out of their comfort zones. Well done Year 2!

Finally a massive thank you to the many parents and grandparents who attended our last Funky Friday Assembly of the year. Next week there will be no Funky Friday as the children will be involved in circus skills as part of the whole school treat. There will be a Year 6 Leavers assembly on Monday 22nd July at 2.30pm and a Tremendous Tuesday Assembly on Tuesday 23rd July at 2.30pm. Congratulations to Sasha, Theo and Miss Yates on receiving Oscars.

We’ll leave you with a fantastic example of sporting resilience for you to enjoy

Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy reading your child’s report.

Mr Vallier and Mrs Maclaine