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Singing Together

Ella Fitzgerald said “The only thing better than singing, is more singing.” When you sing it exercises the heart, the  lungs and releases endorphins making you feel good. When you sing with others whether on a stage or in an audience – it’s one of the greatest feelings ever.

Over the last two terms Miss Shepherd has been running a song writing club with the support of local musician Anna Page. The theme of the song had to be “Summer”. The children gave up their lunchtime play to practise. They came to after-school songwriting club to practise and once ready they sang to anyone who would listen. The singers hijacked a violin assembly for Year 1, serenaded Art club and even interrupted important phone calls to sing to us and the lovely office ladies. They felt ready and on Wednesday evening a brave group of fourteen children stood on the White Rock Theatre stage, under bright lights and looked out onto hundreds of eager listeners in the audience to sing a song that five of them had written. They sang with pride and confidence.

As the awards were being given out to other schools, our wonderful children clapped, cheered and whooped at each one. We had a few nominations, Best inspiring lyrics, Best arrangement, catchiest chorus and then we won an award! The Standout Lyric Line Award for the line “Creatures crawling up my knees”.

The children are already planning how to better their performance next year with props, dance routines and costumes!

A big thank you to Miss Shepherd for organising the group and to Miss Sheldrake and all the parents for supporting on the night.

Thank you as always to the many parents and grandparents who attended our Funky Friday Assembly and congratulations to Lucas and Miss Bedford on receiving Oscars.

Find a little moment this weekend to have a sing (even if you don’t think you’re very good at singing). You’ll feel better for it – we promise. Here’s a little video to get you in the mood.

Mr Vallier and Mrs Maclaine

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