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Momo Challenge – advice for parents

As you may have read in the news recently the Momo Challenge is an extremely disturbing game that conceals itself within other harmless looking games and online videos played by children. Several children have come into school today talking and worrying about the content. We thought it might be beneficial for you to know some of the facts.

When downloaded, it asks the user to communicate with “Momo” via popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp. It is at this point that children are threatened that they will be cursed or their family will be hurt if they do not self-harm. Children are also asked for personal information.

Whilst the threat of a curse may sound silly to an adult, it could be a very frightening prospect for a young child and they may feel under pressure to carry out acts to protect themselves or their family from harm.

We advise that parents supervise the games their children play and be extremely mindful of the videos they are watching on YouTube. All devices should have parental controls on and should only allow your children access to age-suitable content.

The National Online Safety Team have this resource available for parents on their website.

A wealth of other information and support is available online, including on the following sites:

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