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Jobs for the Future

When Sophie Perry was 11 years old she knew that she wanted to be a professional footballer. By the age of 13 Sophie was running rings around any players she came up against (male or female) and scoring over 50 goals a season. She lived with her mum in Whitehawk and went on to play for Chelsea, Arsenal, Brighton & Hove Albion and the Republic Of Ireland. With the Women’s World Cup about to start, it’s a timely reminder that as teachers – we need to make sure that we are discovering the talents of all our pupils and encouraging them to follow their dreams. In Michael Caine’s latest book, he mentions that he had a female stunt double to drive his car in the film ‘The Italian Job’. Apparently, she had always wanted to be a stunt double in films. Even though we are teaching children for jobs that don’t necessarily exist yet – maybe we have vets, doctors, film producers, archeologists, stunt doubles or even a marine biologists amongst our children at OVPA. Let’s help them get there!

Talking of marine biologists…….on the Friday before half term, Year 5 were extremely lucky to be visited by a marine biologist…..all the way from London! The children were taught the difference between micro and macro plastic beads (a micro is below 5mm in length). She then showed them some of the negative effects micro plastics have on our planet, before showing us how we can help save our planet! To end the session we had a competition to guess how many micro beads were in a small bottle of shower gel. Our lucky winners were Maeghan and Millie, who will be helping to save the environment with their reusable cups!

Have a great rest of the weekend. See you all on Monday.

Mr Vallier and Mrs Maclaine

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