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Hopes & Dreams

It has been another very successful week at OVPA – a little warm at times but everyone coped superbly.

Our whole school focus this week has been hope. In our bubbles, we talked about the things that we were hopeful for and we looked forward to the future. There were some amazing examples of non-materialistic hopes and dreams that made me very proud of our caring children. Thank you to Aimee and Maeghan for reading some poems about happiness, so beautifully. Everyone was really impressed.

To extend our thinking about hope, we offered some activities for our pupils to explore in class. The first was to research songs about hope and sing or dance to them together. The children have given some great examples for our school ‘happy’ playlist. Some children made dream catchers to put their hopes and dreams into. They look lovely hanging across the windows. Our creative pupils made some beautiful images of hope which brightened classrooms and made everyone smile. The collective contributions certainly lift our spirits and bring a true sense of happiness around the school.

If any of the children at home would like to contribute to our focus on hope, we would love to share your ideas too.

Tomorrow, our new focus will be about ‘gratitude’ and everything we are thankful for.

We have plenty to be grateful for tomorrow when we are joined by three further bubbles of pupils. We have been able to open school to our year 5 pupils and some siblings of those already in school. This is the last change we will make this academic year, as we see these pupils in full time (apart from our Wednesday afternoon deep clean). We are now completely full.

Our next step is to share the arrangements for next year and our different plans for transition in to new classes. Exciting times ahead and plenty of news to share over the coming weeks.

Today’s feel good song from our school playlist is ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams……

Mrs Campbell – Headteacher

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