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Be Like Bob!

The school was buzzing with excitement when we heard the news that the eggs, being carefully watched in Early Years, had hatched! We have been introduced to three new fluffy friends, which the children have fondly named – Bob, Mr Grow and Basil.

Unfortunately, Bob has had some health problems and has needed foot splints because he has curly toes. As a result of this, the other chicks have been bullying him by pecking and jumping on him. In Golden Assembly, we talked about the bullying that was happening because Bob was different and we all agreed that it was not ok! At OVPA we celebrate difference and love that everyone has unique qualities. It is not acceptable for anyone to make fun of another person, to say unkind things, single them out or leave them out. We will stand up to anyone if they show this sad behaviour.

So, please- Be kind; Be different; Be like Bob!

We loved celebrating the unique skills and talents of our golden ticket children this week, along with some super class achievements. Kwolek received Keith’s Golden Broom award and Magie Class stole pride of place on the golden bench as top Dojo scorers!

Our amazing oscar winner this week was Blake who blew us away with the reasons for his nomination. You will be able to read about Blake’s amazing accolade yourself, next week in the termly newsletter.

Next week, is our final week of term and a four-day week for the children. Staff have an inset day on Friday for some training, so the school will be closed.

On Tuesday 11 February, we join the global focus of Safer Internet Day 2020, which will be celebrated with the theme: Together for a better internet. This year, in the UK, there is a focus on how young people explore and express their identity online.

Look out for the information and tips we will be sharing over the week to make the internet a place where we are free to be ourselves, talk, have fun, be kind and stay safe.

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