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Advent Gift – 23rd December

It was Christmas Eve in 1818 and a band of actors and singers had arrived at Oberndorf, a village near Salzburg where they were to re-enact the story of Christ’s birth in the small Church of St. Nicholas. Unfortunately, mice had eaten through parts of the church organ and the organ was no longer working. The band of actors and singers walked on to another village leaving the pastor Josef Mohr deeply saddened and needing to come up with an alternative plan. He decided to write some words that might make a good carol for his congregation to sing. He thought of the peaceful snow-covered village on this silent, wintry night. After a short while he had written some words.He quickly called upon his good friend Franz Gruber to come up with a melody which could be sung that night. It no longer mattered to Josef Mohr and Franz Gruber that their church organ wasn’t working. They now had a Christmas carol that could be sung with the accompaniment of a guitar. That Christmas Eve, the little Oberndorf congregation heard and sang a new Christmas carol. It was called ‘Silent Night’.

‘Silent Night’ is 200 years old this year. Enjoy today’s gift…..

Mr Vallier and Mrs Maclaine


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